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Feet Tattoo Designs

  • Monday, March 28, 2011
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  • foot tattoos designs
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    The question is a valid one. People usually get tattoos because they are a visual representation of something important to the wearer. If a person really wants to physically exhibit a pictorial image, why get feet tattoo?
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    First of all, people don’t always wear footwear that fully covers their feet. Women especially wear open footwear, and feet tattoo would be seen more often than not. This would apply to men as well who live in warmer climates, since they would often be wearing sandals or flip-flops.
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    Secondly, feet are a very attractive part of the body for many people. Having a foot fetish is not as uncommon as many people think it is. In this case, getting feet tattoo could be an extremely titillating enticement to attract some wanted attention to an area of the body that can be a real turn-on for some people. An erotic bit of artful ink on an ankle or an instep would be a welcome surprise to a new partner if they were seeing feet tattoo for the first time representing some exciting sexual iconography.
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    Another reason that someone would get feet tattoo could be the very reason that feet are covered the majority of the time. Not everyone gets a tattoo to boldly let the world know their feelings. Some people are more subtle. Feet tattoo would suit this kind of person perfectly, because they would have the satisfaction of wearing ink without anyone knowing, unless they decide to let someone in on their little secret.
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